La Fête Furniture


Product Care


 If this article of furniture becomes soiled or loses its bright appearance, it can be easily cleaned. Prepare a solution of mild liquid detergent (dish soap) and warm water. Wipe all vinyl surfaces with a cloth dampened in `the soap/water solution, then rinse with plain water.

• Stubborn stains can usually be removed with a soft bristle brush and non-abrasive cleanser (like SoftScrub) used sparingly. Caution must be exercised in order to prevent dulling the finish of the vinyl with over aggressive cleaning. An abrasive cleanser may take off the protective finish of the vinyl.

• We strongly recommend using two products specially formulated and designed for use with your la-Fête furniture. They are la-Fête VINYL CLEANER and la-Fête VINYL CONDITIONING CREAM. These products are specifically designed to clean and condition the vinyl on your la-Fête furniture to help ensure the longevity of the vinyl.

• If your vinyl becomes damaged or if you wish to change to a different color, the vinyl cover can be easily replaced.

• Please contact for further information or to order.

• the la-Fête Vinyl Care products or replacement vinyl covers.